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Friday, May 07, 2004


Marc Pawliger

Too funny. I find the result of the whole Bill Graham Presents / SFX / Ticketmonster confluence abhorrent, but, given the monopoly, what else can you use? Especially galling is the practice of charging the 'convenience fee' as a percentage of the ticket price, rather than a fixed amount, or percentage with an absolute cap. What, is the overhead of selling a $100 ticket online twice that of a $50 one? They have become the Clear Channel of ticket selling...

Gem of the Ocean tickets

Gem of the Ocean tickets

Mike Ocer

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steve jackson

I hate ticketmaster with all of my heart. They suck ass!!!!

corey andersen

this blog post is a little old...

but i actually have a screenshot of the ticketmaster verification word....guess what it was.


oh ticketmaster..

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