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Wednesday, August 03, 2005



DIets arent east, but no bread? I live for bread... I would not have lasted 2 minutes on the Atkins diet. I came across this article on crazy diet plans. Its a good read:
I wonder what the new diet fad will be... I think if people stopped eating fast food and worked out a couple times of week that would be enough.


egads! That is too radical an idea! It would never work.


Wow, yet more people who couldn't be bothered to go to the Atkins site and see what was involved in the diet.

This one was introduced in the early eighties. It was hardly a passing fad. It's been working for people for years--the fact that the stupid food industry made a fad out of it has no bearing on the reality.

Oh well. Lazy blog journalism, the usual.


The Atkins Cancer Revolution


There is only one way to lose weight and keep it off. Eat to Live.


Atkins offers many acceptable substitutes for the regular foods you shouldn't eat. There are many, many low-carb breads available, many of which taste just fine, as well as bake mixes for breading fried foods, making muffins, pancakes and the like. I eat low-carb treats several times a week.. almost every day. My favorites are Reese's 1-carb peanut butter cups and Breyers' carb smart ice cream.

I didn't know what I was doing until I actually read the atkins book. Got it on ebay for 99 cents. After that, the science helped me understand how to follow the diet and in four months I've lost 30 lbs and I feel much better than I can remember feeling since I was a kid. I have 30-35 lbs to go. I am no longer tempted by foods I'm not supposed to have, as I know they will make me feel terrible and tired, since I suffered for 10 years from binge eating and depression and I don't want to go back there. This is the first time a diet has worked for me, ever! Now it's not about my weight anymore, but how I feel. Also my asthma has improved drastically. This alone is reason enough to keep me motivated and I don't even want to cheat.

I suggest a website for anyone interested: http://www.lowcarbluxury.com or you can email me at pear7899@yahoo.com if you want.

The site I suggested is full of information that helps answer my questions and keep me on track when I have doubts. And it's free... I'm not trying to sell anything here. Only defending the Atkins "diet" since it's helped me so much, so fast.


Also, to respond to the cancer comment, it is partially true. If you eat lots of fatty, processed meats then surely you are taking in unhealthy foods and it will deteriorate your health. That is why Dr. Atkins stressed healthy, natural, and preferably organic foods. A steak from grass-fed, healthy cows untreated with hormones, antibiotics, and steroids was recommended over hot dogs, bologna, and conventional meat. Also, we are supposed to get the carbs we DO allow ourselves primarily from vegetables and low-glycemic fruits such as berries.


I have been doing Atkins for over 6 years. I am healthy as can be and feel great! My cholestrol is excellent, my blood pressure is low and I love the diet. I was a major carb-junkie and would eat bread, potatoes in any form and sweets like crazy. I haven't had a potato in years and I challenge anyone out there to love potatoes more than me! Any diet you do should become a way of life. You cannot use a diet, whether it be Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins etc., just to lose your weight then go back to your old habits. Find what if right for you and stick to it. It is only food and it isn't worth your life! The critics have claimed how bad it is to eat so much protein. I eat no more protein than anyone else, I just do not consume the large quantities of unhealthy bread and starchy potatoes that usually go hand-in-hand with a meal. A nice steak, fish fillet or chicken breast with a tasty salad is not unhealthy. If I eat bread, it is whole grain and only small portions. Some think that they are allowed a pound of bacon or 3-4 hamburgers sans buns. You have to be realistic and use common sense. Atkins has been around for years and this latest bankruptcy issue isn't going to kill it nor will it make me and other Atkins loyals stop following the plan. To me it merely shows what has already been proven...Americans are more unable to control their food intake, more unable to make wise food choices and thus becoming more and more obese. Diabetes is on the rise as well as other life-threatening illnesses. Are the breads and sweets really worth it? Not to me!


Why they went bankrupt?

Maybe it was the fact that they expected people to pay 4 dollars for atkins bars? 7 dollars for 2 shakes?

just a hunch I have.


Try buying the shakes from Sams Club they are much cheaper, about 14.00 for twelve that is pretty reasonable. They are delicious and far better then all other protein shakes I have tasted.


Discovering Atkins was the best thing that ever happened to me. I no longer think of it as being on a diet. It has taught me to completely change my bad eating habits. I've been on it for 7 months, and I have no doubt I will be on it for the rest of my life. And who said no bread? Once you get to your desired weight, eat whole wheat bread moderately. And you don't need to buy Atkins products to do Atkins.

Wily Elder

I tried many diets and the weight just came back because they were not easy diets. They required doing without too many tasty items.

I tried the Atkins because an enormous woman told me it was good.

It worked! For the first time in my life, I lost more than just 15 pounds. The Atkins is easy because eating steak and fish and chicken is easy. I miss eating regular bread. But it's worth it to be healthier and leaner.


did an atkins style diet for several years. bought only two atkins products the whole time - no need for the products - better tasting stuff out there for far less money. i don't think that the company going bankrupt should speak badly for the the diet - the two are independent of each other.


I am doing the diet for three years and have lost 50lbs.The diet is great along with other health benifits.Atkins as a diet is great the company going bankrupt is a failed business strategy.


I have been on the atkins diet and i have been really strict with it. Ive had 20 Grams of Carbohydrate a day. Eaten 3 meals consisting of anything but carbohydrates and during this 3 weeks i have lose 10KG without excersising. I have an injured tendon which has put me out of service for my "kung fu" training. Next week i will be slowly introducing more carbs to my diet but also increasing my excersise again as im allmost healed. I dont feel that i will put on weight and even so i have much more control over my eating. Once you stop eating bread and carbohydrate littered foods after a week it isnt difficult to keep it up, plus while your watching the Kilo's slide off. So when i started i was 90KG and now im about 79-80KG. The only interesting issue that i faced is going to the toilet. after a few days of no action i started including dietary fibre as part of my carbohydrate intake and that made it much easier to sit on the toilet. I believe that this diet is more effective than a low cal or a low fat diet as the scientific reaserch behind it makes more cents!


I've done Atkins successfully for 3 years now and I am happy to say it most certainly does work. Any diet that is not followed strictly, will not work. The whole idea of Atkins is kicking out the sugar(carbs) at first to break the addiction. Thats what it is in fact. After you stick it out for a while you will notice the addiction gone and results keep coming. If you follow that plan correctly and lose weight, you then learn how to eat carbs correctly, by slowly adding them back to your diet until you find out how many carbs your body needs. This is not a new diet or a fad in the sense that anyone who has diabetes or is watching their blood sugar will follow a diet very much the same as Atkins. Which then becomes not a diet but a lifestyle. Its pathetic to down something you know nothing about, isn't it? I don't blame you for your naivity but your lack of education on the subject.

Weight Loss

Well, the Atkins diet was changing the whole way people eat so it is very hard for anyone to stick with it. On the other hand, our bodies would adjust to this sort od eating and anyone carbs your body get will be stored as fat. Given ourselves proper nutrition and regular exercise is only the right way to go.

atkins diet

Atkins "Nightmare" Diet

When Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution was first published, the President of the American College of Nutrition said, "Of all the bizarre diets that have been proposed in the last 50 years, this is the most dangerous to the public if followed for any length of time."[1]

When the chief health officer for the State of Maryland,[2] was asked "What's wrong with the Atkins Diet?" He replied "What's wrong with... taking an overdose of sleeping pills? You are placing your body in jeopardy." He continued "Although you can lose weight on these nutritionally unsound diets, you do so at the risk of your health and even your life."[3]

The Chair of Harvard's nutrition department went on record before a 1973 U.S. Senate Select Committee investigating fad diets: "The Atkins Diet is nonsense... Any book that recommends unlimited amounts of meat, butter, and eggs, as this one does, in my opinion is dangerous. The author who makes the suggestion is guilty of malpractice."[4]

The Chair of the American Medical Association's Council on Food and Nutrition testified before the Senate Subcommittee as to why the AMA felt they had to formally publish an official condemnation of the Atkins Diet: "A careful scientific appraisal was carried out by several council and staff members, aided by outside consultants. It became apparent that the [Atkins] diet as recommended poses a serious threat to health."[5]

The warnings from medical authorities continue to this day. "People need to wake up to the reality," former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop writes, that the Atkins Diet is "unhealthy and can be dangerous."[6]


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Exercise and exercise if you can find the time of course...but just going for walks and eating right is the way to go.

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for sure, exercising and having a balanced diet is the best solution.

Hoodia Gordonii

All diets require hard work and willpower.


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