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Wednesday, January 07, 2004



I am crazy about low-carb Michelob Ultra beer. its what we all drink in NYC. Is it popular around the country?

Love your site.


Your comments about the wraps are all valid. I could not find the ingredient list anywhere... I know that I do not want high gluten flours and processed grains in my body. These taste sweet too, I bet they have some kind of sugar. I just finished a veggie wrap.
I met a doctor who studies how cells organize and disorganize. He discovered the "New Biology" and has proven that a diet high in acid forming foods create the body to go into preservation mode and actually store the acids in the fat cells. Being fat is a high acid problem, not a fat problem. Atkin wraps keep the body acidic. Visit my website below to learn more about acids and fats. Want to lose weigh fast??? Alkalize the body, because when neutralizing the acids with alkalinity, the fat melts away and you have great energy too!

I lost 7 pound in one week drinking an all natural green drink that tasted like green tea. My total weight loss in 10-1/2 weeks was 37 pounds (from 152 to 115) and I felt great! I had clarity and vitality during the weightloss. The depression that I was plagued with my whole life had vanished and I no longer take medications. My cholesterol went from 207 to 135. This green drink and program changed my life. I no longer even have the word D.I.E.T. in my vocabulary. It is my new lifestyle. Because of this enormous lifestyle change and the happiness this has brought me, I am sharing it with others. I now teach this at workshops and seminars and help people lose weight and get truly healthy. You too can get off acid and go to health!

Please visit my website or call me if you are interested in knowing about the "New Biology".

Best of luck to you...May you see your Inner Light!

Jeri Reid




Hi there, I was interested in learning about acid vs alkaline, for losing weight. I learned about the water called evamor, and it makes your body alkaline, and helps burn fat. Thank you for your info. on the acid vs alkaline theory.

Karen Matthews

Would you tell me where I can get the all natural green drink and the evamore water?
Thank you, Karen


Hi, I am suffering from acid reflux. I have been for years now, only recently it has got so bad i cannot seep properly beyond 3-4 a.m.
could i have and overly acidic system and if so, what measures dietwise would you recommend.


You really need to read Dr. Young's book titled "The pH Miracle". Probably, 95% of the world is acidic. Unless a specific regimen is applied making your body alkaline, dliberately, you are acidic. My wife no longer has acid reflux after just 2 months on the pH Miracle. It has been over a year and the reflux has not returned.


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