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My name is Scott Knaster. I was born and raised in Denver, still a nice place to visit. In 1983 I arrived fresh off the boat in Silicon Valley and fulfilled a dream by working at Apple doing technical support (Lisa! and Mac) and writing technical documentation for 7 years. I spent 6 wonderful years at skyrocket-flameout startup General Magic. In 1996 I went evil and joined Microsoft, working on Mac software (Internet Explorer and Outlook Express), then doing various Windows writing projects until I bailed out in 2003. I wrote various books and puttered around until 2005, when I joined Google as a technical writer.

I have written a bunch of books. The most popular ones are about Macintosh programming.

I have every issue of MAD magazine, which explains a lot about me.


music, mad magazine, computers, baseball, comic books, weight loss.